Royal Kensington Real Estate specializes in the business of buying, leasing and development of real estate for residential, commercial and industrial. Royal Kensington Real Estate offers a comprehensive service to 360 ° consulting and assistance in all phases of customer acquisition, sales and property management.For years, is assisted by the high profile figures esclusivadi professional, able to listen to customers, analyzing resources, compare the market and provide a solution more in line with the needs of the customer.

With the dual objective of:

Putting the customer from the risk of economic, financial and natural capital.
Enhance the property and reduce costs.
The experience in entrepreneurship and the knowledge of the real estate guide Royal Kensington Real Estate in attention to detail and carrying out of all requests, providing our customers a thorough operational support and a wide and complete range of real estate proposals.


The work of our professionals is divided into phases sensitive and complex issues that have as their objectives the simplification of bureaucratic procedures, the proper preparation of documentation, cost control and maximization of customer satisfaction. Each property is assessed according to the correct parameters of the market and placed on the market, emphasizing the characteristics and peculiarities that make it unique compared to competitive offerings. Analysis, assessment and proper placement on the market are enhanced by careful verification and legalization of all documents such as land planning and testing of interventions of cadastral measurements, planimetric copies, extracts of maps and regularize urban design / construction, and legalization of any amnesties. For commercial property, our professionals take place for each client, careful strategic and economic analysis accompanied by a report containing the technical points for the enhancement of the well, through the development of business plans, seeking funding to define the structure of the entire operation.