Royal Kensington Real Estate Group is the company that operates Royal Kensington for years in real estate, specializing in consulting and professional assistance in buying and selling of real estate assets throughout the national and international. Royal Kensington Real Estate Properties is the trading of goods with different intended use due to the vast wealth of knowledge and resources gained in the last ten years on real estate advisory and real estate trading. Through a network of established prestige, Royal Kensington Real Estate offers a full service “real estate consultancy” that meets the needs of investment, diversification of risk, and legal protection of the assets and property safety of the result. The ‘advice on buying, selling and appraisal of real estate in Italy and abroad, includes: Finding and selecting Properties of definite interest. Technical advice on administrative management structure. Advice for growth and conversion of any mortgages. “REAL ESTATE CONSULTANCY”: the “real estate consultant” is the value added of Royal Kensington Real Estate. The “real estate consultancy” is to establish a professional relationship with the customer, ensuring a strategic service that meets the customers through the achievement of stated objectives. Royal Kensington Real Estate offers a highly innovative and more comprehensive than the competition through the application “business” to the matter and report to the “personal” with the customer. Our methodology is far away from standardization and mass production of many professionals who, with approximate approaches and lack of professionalism, adversely affecting transactions undermine the value and quality of the result. In contrast, Royal Kensington Real Estate uses a staff of professionals with a deep knowledge of the real estate industry and a decade of experience in the consulting field. Experience, skills and management training consultants Royal Kensington Real Estate offer the customer a more complete view and a perspective of strategic issues and resources, ensuring the solution more in line with customer needs.